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ThaBloc Artists

Meet the current artists in the growing Calgary collective, ThaBloc

Sam Obadero is a multidisciplinary artist who creates works in a variety of mediums, including photography, stage performances, and installation. His work explores human stories and their many motivations. Sam’s pieces are characterized by their bold themes, relatable thoughts, and curious spirit.

Patricia Peixoto:
I am a passionate landscape photographer. Originally from Brazil, I moved to Calgary four years ago with my husband Higor and our dog Luna, seeking a better quality of life and a multicultural experience. My journey into photography began in 2016 when I picked up a camera to relieve stress during a difficult time in my life. Little did I know that this hobby would quickly turn into a lifelong passion. I fell in love with capturing the natural beauty of landscapes, and I have never looked back. Nature has always been my muse, and I find solace and freedom in its vastness. Through my lens, I strive to capture the simple yet profound moments that nature offers, and I am constantly reminded of the importance of gratitude and the miracles that surround us. I am captivated by the beauty of natural landscapes, and my work reflects my deep appreciation for the world around us. With each click of the shutter, I strive to capture nature’s raw and untouched beauty, allowing viewers to see the world through my eyes and experience the same sense of awe and inspiration that I feel.

Santosh Korthiwada is an international award-winning fine-art photographer and educator. His visual stories focus on the ordinary and the mundane and his work was featured in several exhibitions and galleries across Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America. Santosh currently lives with his family in Calgary, Canada.

Winner Aigbogun:

I am a Nigerian-born visual artist and photographer currently in my third year of studies in the photography major. My work explores themes of identity, diversity, and subconscious expression, using digital manipulation to create bold and conceptual pieces that challenge viewers to question their perceptions of self and others. My pieces convey messages of resilience and the ability to overcome challenges in life. In my recent works, I highlight the highs and lows of life and the importance of mindfulness in the journey of healing and self-discovery. Sometimes my work is characterized by using bold colors and shapes to contrast subjects and their environments, creating a unique and visually striking aesthetic that reflects my cultural background and personal experiences.

Maysoon Ismail: I have been an artist since childhood. I am a self-taught artist and love to experiment with different mediums. I am finding my way as an aspiring artist in Calgary’s art scene. I don’t follow any rules in my art, I believe that art is a liberating exercise to the mind and soul, therefore, I simply use any material that I come across to use in my art -with no limits or boundaries. 

I moved to Calgary at the end of 2017 and kept on trying all the doors and struggled to find people who understand my art until I joined ThaBloc which eventually led me to Art Commons.

Ruby Al Otaibi: Who I am ??
I’m just a simple girl that happened to be here…
I have always had big dreams and I am not sure if I have chosen those dreams or if they have been chasing me since ever.

As a poet, my dream is to write words that touch the heart and soul of my audience. I yearn to capture the essence of life and illuminate the beauty and struggles of the human experience. I dream of creating a world of wonder, where language is not just a tool for communication but a medium for connecting with others.

I believe that words have the power to heal, inspire, and transform.
My poetry is a reflection of my own journey throughout life. My experiences and observations. A true voice of the human spirit amongst the different lives that I have witnessed. A true channel between two worlds ( the aetheric and physical) to create some magic for my readers!