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2023 residency

cSpace Eau Claire Neighbourhood Hub

The following report provides an overview of the one-month residency that we had at the cSpace Eau Claire Neighbourhood Hub. The residency aimed to foster artistic exploration, community engagement, and collaboration within the local neighborhood. This report outlines the residency activities, accomplishments, community impact, and future recommendations.

Residency Objectives:

  1. To create a vibrant and inclusive artistic space within the Neighbourhood Hub.
  2. To engage with the local community and encourage their participation in artistic activities.
  3. To provide opportunities for artistic growth, experimentation, and collaboration.
  4. To showcase the diverse talents and perspectives of resident artists.

Residency Activities:

  1. Studio Setup: The Neighbourhood Hub provided a dedicated studio space equipped with necessary art supplies, tools, and equipment.
  2. Open Studio Sessions: Regular open studio sessions were held, allowing community members to observe and interact with resident artists while they worked on their projects.
  3. Workshops and Demos: Various art workshops and demonstrations were conducted, covering different mediums and techniques, with a focus on accessibility and inclusivity.
  4. Community Collaborations: Resident artists collaborated with local community organizations, schools, and youth groups to create public art installations and murals, fostering community pride and engagement.
  5. Artist Talks: Public presentations were organized, where resident artists shared their artistic journeys, inspirations, and experiences, providing insights into their creative processes.


  1. Engagement and Participation: The residency received enthusiastic participation from community members of all ages and backgrounds, with a diverse range of individuals attending workshops, open studio sessions, and artist talks.
  2. Artistic Exploration: Resident artists were able to push their artistic boundaries, experiment with new techniques, and engage in meaningful artistic dialogues with fellow artists and community members.
  3. Community Impact: The residency generated a positive impact on the local community, fostering a sense of pride, creativity, and cultural exchange.


The one-month residency at the Neighbourhood Hub successfully fostered artistic exploration, community engagement, and collaboration. It provided a platform for us to connect with the local community, share our artistic processes, and create meaningful art.

The residency’s impact on the neighbourhood was visible through increased community pride and the creation of vibrant art installations.

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