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ThaBloc YYC has a growing number of local artists in Calgary, Canada.

Art for All: We are an equity-seeking diverse group seeking ways to define who we are individually and collectively.

We are currently a collective of 6 multidisciplinary artists.
Our number will grow as we continue to thrive and grow capacity.

Our 6 members are Patty Peixoto, Winner Brave, Santosh Kumar Korthiwada, Maysoon Hisma, Ruby Al Otaibi, and Sam Obadero.


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About us

We Inspire, explore, and continue to make connections.

We are driven by our shared love for the arts, our search for “home” and our commitment to fostering an inclusive and accessible space for artists, including immigrant artists, in our vibrant city. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves creatively and share their unique perspectives



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Art for All: Inspiring, Exploring, Connecting, Empowering.

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Sam Obadero

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